I have been writing for a great variety of periodical publication, for over 30 years.  The list of publications is large, and the list of my personal contributions extremely large, given the elapse of time.


I am progressively adding to this page, beginning with my more recent feature story contributions to Winestate magazine, Australia’s oldest wine magazine.




High Flyer: Aiming Higher (Eddie McDougall) July/August 2018


Waking a Sleeping Beauty (Cabernet Franc), July/August, 2017


Rosé: Blush With Fame, Special Edition, 2016


Korean Catch-Up (Market Update), July/August, 2016


Understanding the China Syndrome (Asia Update), Annual Edition, 2015


Thailand: Against the Odds, July/August, 2015


Lilian Carter’s World of Wine: How a Graduate’s Decade-Long Journey has Stretched to China, September/October, 2014


Riding the Tropical Wine Wave: A Fledging Wine Industry is Beginning to Make an Impact in Bali, July/August, 2014


Fresh Frontiers as India Embraces the Wine Culture, March/April, 2014


Pioneer with a Passion for Wine (Fumiko Arisaka), Special Edition, 2013


Desert Frontier Delivers (Chateau Hansen, Inner Mongolia), September/October, 2013


High Flyer (Eddie McDougall), May/June, 2013


Realm of the Mountain Grape (Hokkaido, Japan), November/December, 2012


The Changing Face of Indian Wine, September/October, 2012


Taste of the Tropics: The New Frontier in World Winemaking, May/June, 2012


Home ‘Port’ to End the Journey: Denis and Yoshi’s Great Wine Adventure Tour Part 3, Special Edition 2011


Mudgee to Mornington: Denis and Yoshi’s Great Wine Adventure Tour Part 2, November/December, 2011


On the Road to Revelation: Denis and Yoshi’s Wine Adventure Tour Part 1, September/October, 2011


Longyan, Koshu, Pokdum, Arkavati: Home Grown Varieties Go a Long Way in Asia,  May/June, 2011


Asia on the Accelerator: Market’s Rapid Expansion Poses Great Challenges for Exporters, Annual Edition, 2011


Like a Sip of Thai Shiraz?, November/December, 2010


Koshu Country: An Ancient Japanese Grape is Making the World Take Notice, September/October 2010


Sushi Meets Shiraz: 25 Years on, a New Match of Aussie Wine and Japanese Food, May/June, 2010


The Thirsty Asian Giant: Vital to View this Region as a Whole World of Countries, March/April, 2010